LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I call it as I see it

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The purpose of this Op Ed is to share and highlight my thoughts on around some recent articles in the Anguillian Newspaper such as: thank you’s, making born Anguillans non-citizens, where does charity begin, and yes “Make Anguilla Glitter”…. but please do not make it seem in an editorial that littering is an Anguillan thing. Comments are being made not to offend anyone, consciousness raising is long overdue, reasoning and sharing thoughts that may differ in mindset, but at the same time it is necessary to call it as I see it.
Kudos to (born Anguillans) my cousin Capt. David Lloyd (licensed commercial pilot owner of Lloyd Aviation Services – Capt. Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport) for adopting the Valley Primary School. David understands the value of education as a game changer, and high technology as a learning tool for the 21st Century classrooms. What a better way to support education….what I will call the flip side of liberation. Ms. Shara Proctor world class athlete we are ever so proud of you. Britian may have claimed you for fame and fortune, but you have enough home grown pride to start a sports fund to benefit the children of Anguilla and give back to your homeland, to ensure that someone follows in your footsteps. Seams of gratitude from Anguillans at home and abroad…. being extended to these born Anguillans for their generosity, home grown pride and support for the empowerment of Anguilla’s children.

Mind you Anguilla and some Anguillans you are sometimes charitable and welcoming to strangers beyond measure. At the same time, the level of consciousness for embracing and endearing some of your kit and kin (born Anguillans who have lived abroad and their descendants) comes up real short. As an illustration of my point, complaints of born Anguillans being reduced to the status of “Belongers” while taking care of their land business, taken off the voting rolls…I can testify, subjecting born Anguillans to discriminatory searches at your ports of call (I called out Customs on this policy and received satisfactory remedy on the spot), refusing to give equal honor to a well known traditional seafaring captain of yesteryear (the late Capt. Theodore Lloyd of Roaches Hill and North Valley Heights), by way of a postage stamp, not giving enough thought to a worthwhile “niche” sports project (it could have been a world class lucrative business venture as far as your “upscale” tourism industry) that was introduced to Anguilla by a proud son of Anguillan immigrants.
Moving right along, recent exuberance by some folks who are thrilled to foster the beginning of a recent exchange between their country with Anguilla that involves “great hospitality”. No pun intended, but charity begins at home…no such charitable humane treatment was given to many Haitians who were born in the same country as the recipients who expect “great hospitality” in an exchange with Anguilla. Extensive global media reports highlighted how Haitians born in that country, were denied citizenship and allegedly were deported to Haiti with no socio-economic or familial support. The UN High Commission did hold hearings on and around this issue, but I have yet to hear an outry from the global community. Although, many kind hearted citizens of that country, did speak out and oppose the policy and mistreatment of Haitians.
Historically there has been a resistance in this same country towards anyone who is “dark skinned”. How ridiculous’……there are many who are descendants of enslaved Africans that were brought to the island as a free labor force. During 1937, allegedly over 20,000 Haitians were massacred at the border of this country over some kind of petty claims. Once again, many good kind hearted citizens of this country sheltered and rescued Haitians in order to save their lives. Yet, during 1941 this country, was one of the few countries in the Western Hemisphere that willingly opened their arms to accept 10,000 people fleeing Europe. It is a well known that this gesture by the President who was a mulatto and of Haitian descent, supposedly was to ensure the “whitening up their bloodlines”. The 700 settlers from Europe who accepted their offer, were given 32 acres of land, and a $10,000 loan to settle in Sosua. Guess what, they late became the wealthiest people in that country.
All I am saying to Anguilla and Anguillans in general is, just remember other folk see the world in a totally different light that many of you do. They know how to practice in-group loyalty based on blood lines, kinship, national pride, familial and socio-ecomonic unity and look out for the good of each other. I just wish other folks, would learn to take back the same bonds of kinship and togetherness that they also had back in the day. Take note of this, some of the exuberant folk who, in spite of their long standing issues with colorism in a country that has a disdain for the souls of black folk in general, if they see an opportunity wherever or whenever, they know how to be opportunistic and go for it. That being said, they may also see the opportunity in Anguilla that you seemingly may not see, your standing of living and quality of life is much higher than you may think… …word of caution.be careful not to extend yourself to open the flood gates that leads to over population, education and health institutions being overcrowded, food and housing shortages, as well as the depletion of your own resources.
The “Make Anguilla Glitter” editorial caught my eye because although I agree with the sincere sentiment and respect the writer; I am going to call it as I see it. On the flip side, care must be taken not to paint such a broad brush. Littering “it is not ingrained in us”. Folks all over the world litter. Much respect and kudos to the individuals who organize clean-up campaigns. What a positve example of home grown pride’….continue to do so. I will be more than happy to chip in when I am around. “Each one teach one reach one and leave no one behind”. Anguilla is our island, our homebase, our pride and joy, our special place beneath the scorching northeastern Caribbean sun….let us all join hands and “Make Anguilla Glitter”.
A luta continua vitoria e certa….God bless Anguilla and her children at home and abroad, may the Creator and the ancestors continue to find them in their favor. Peace and blessings’

Name held on request.
(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian April 25, 2016 11:05 Updated


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