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By anguillian March 29, 2016 10:41



A well written letter, to the Editor that appeared in the 11 March Anguillian, titled “Airlift to Anguilla” outlined in very fact filled terms why an extension to the existing runway is not needed at this time, and showed that there is in fact an enormous existing capacity for larger planes that remains untapped.

As a follow-up to that letter, one only has to look to St. Barts as a shining example of an island, with a very small airport, that still attracts lots of tourists. People flock to St. Barts in spite of the inconvenience, or maybe because of it, and also because of the visual care taken in its presentation to all who visit or live there.
From a tourist perspective, and one interested in the long term sustainability of Anguilla, it would be unwise to pour good money into a runway extension when there are so many other areas that need financial input.
Anguilla needs to spend money on infrastructure other than the airport. It is not enough, anymore, to just boast of having beautiful beaches. And, by the way, those beaches are getting hard to see with the high rise buildings going up.

Upgrade the ferry terminal, FIX THE ROADS, install sidewalks, clean up the garbage bin areas, clean up the beaches, plant trees, haul derelict vehicles to Corito, tear down unsightly buildings, slap on some paint. How about offering a 10-20 cent refund on each bottle and can returned empty to a government run drop off center? That would greatly assist in removing the trash one sees everywhere!

Show some pride. That is what will bring people to this special island.

Paul Corfield
Toronto, Canada

By anguillian March 29, 2016 10:41


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