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As the Reef Hotel by Cuisinart Golf Resort and Spa in Anguilla moves towards completion later this year, its construction makes a particular point. It is that the new extension of the almost 300 acre for luxury property is a reflection of the owner’s love for and confidence in the destination, its potential growth, and the confidence he has in his team and their families on the island. That apt summary was given in an interview to The Anguillian by Mr. Stephane Zaharia, Vice President and General Manager. He was responding to questions from the newspaper about the property and the continued investment being made by American owner and developer, Mr. Leandro P. Rizzuto.

Already, the awarding winning CuisinArt Gulf Resort and Spa, mainly overlooking the expansive Rendezvous Bay area, and the nearby French St. Martin and Dutch /St. Maarten mountain ranges, from the south-western coast of Anguilla, is an attractive cluster of upscale developments. It comprises 101 hotel rooms including a private villa segment for multi-generational clientele and other guests; five restaurants; an 18-hole Greg Norman Championship Golf Course – one of the best in the Caribbean; a number of structures for Estate Homes and Villa Residences; and a flourishing Hydroponic Farm – supplying tasty vegetables for the property’s dining tables – an uncommon resort feature in the region.

Mr. Zaharia outlined what the new extension in the middle of the property entails as follows: “We started the project 18-20 months ago. The focus was to rehabilitate the golf course which happened back in 2011/2012 when we took over. Following that, we moved forward with the rebuilding of the hotel site, and the opening of The Reef by CuisinArt is fast approaching. In the past 20 months we have made great progress on The Reef. We had established that a few buildings that were constructed for the hotel project were not suitable to the concept we wanted, and so those buildings were discarded. We have basically built five brand new buildings to create the entire Reef by CuisinArt.

“We have four beachfront villas comprising 30 rooms and then we have the main building where the lobby area is – and the main seafood restaurant. That building (72 feet tall) – will host 50 rooms – ten rooms on each of the five floors. It is very impressive from an architectural prospective including a central Pool site. Extensive Food and Beverage options will be available from 120 Seats Casual Beach Front dining to a refined Seafood Restaurant. The Reef will follow contemporary feel unlike CuisinArt Resort which is following a Mediterranean/Caribbean feel. All rooms are very gracious – between 800 -1000 square-feet with modern large bathrooms.”
Mr. Zaharia continued: “The 80 rooms will be siting on approximately 8-10 acres, basically in the centre of the entire real estate project. That estate project will start and marketed as soon as we finish the hotel in October/November. As I said, the first focus was the golf course; the second was an innovative off-grid solar energy system; third was The Reef by CuisinArt, and the fourth is now the very important real estate phase comprising 65 buildings from Estate Homes, Villas to Residencies. Our intention is to continue the footprint of the previous project, now called Residences by CuisinArt. Potential Home Owners will be able to purchase property owning a piece of paradise and use the entire estate along with CuisinArt Resort, The Reef by CuisinArt, the Golf Course, Tennis Courts and all the Restaurants.” The superstructure of the new extension, embodying The Reef by CuisinArt, is between 50 -60% completed.
Questioned as to what he thought the developing property means to Anguilla, and its tourism industry, he stated: “Sitting on an estate of close to 300 acres, obviously requires a lot of attention; it requires people to work and maintain it. From an employment standpoint, we are an important partner for the success of Anguilla’s economy. Through the years we have demonstrated that the property is here to stay and that this is probably the most stable property on island. We have kept the course of leading the industry and we are definitely being looked at and carefully analysed in what we do. Some of the hotels, here and in the region, are taking note of our Modus Operandi and we are honoured to be looked at, all the time, as setting the tone and example.
Mr. Zaharia stressed that in addition to being a strong contributor to Anguilla’s economy, and the tourism industry, CuisinArt Golf Resort and Spa is an active contributing corporate citizen in various ways. “We are very active with the Ministry of Health and Social Development assisting the Ministry and Hospital in purchasing a CT Unit,” he disclosed. “We connected the Ministry with General Electric through the ownership of the resort as we have strong relationship with General Electric Corporation.

He outlined other forms of assistance provided by the resort such as educational opportunities for Comprehensive School students at the Johnson & Wales Hospitality and Culinary School in Florida; assistance to the Department of Youth and Sports with a number of initiatives; the establishment of a junior golf training programme for children; and the involvement of the resort in other community and church activities. “We like to do it in a discrete manner,” he explained.

By anguillian March 7, 2016 11:12


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