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One of the latest pieces of advice to the Government of Anguilla is “think globally”. It has come from Mrs. Blondel Cluff, the island’s newly-appointed United Kingdom/European Union Representative.

The distinguished national, who was born in Slough of Anguillian parentage, assumed duties on February 1. On Saturday, February 6, while of a cruise ship in St. Maarten, she paid a brief visit to Anguilla and made courtesy calls on officials of the Governor’s Office, the Government, and former Chief Minister, Mr. Hubert Hughes.

Mrs. Cluff, speaking with Mr. Wycliffe Richardson of Anguilla Television, one of the island’s media houses, was asked what her appointment meant to her. “For me, it means that at last one has an opportunity to help the country – particularly during this time when we are facing so many difficulties,” she replied. “As the UK/EU Rep, I hope that we will be able to form working, constructive and positive networks for people, government and institutions.”

Replying to another question, relating to challenges, she commented: “I think the world is going through a huge sort of shift. As you know, we are looking at an EU referendum in the UK. The global economies are again looking to falter…and I know that Anguilla is suffering from a lack of airlift at the moment. These are all major issues we have to face.”

The conversation continued: “What bit of advice would you be giving to the Government of Anguilla as you take up this new appointment?”

“I think that my only advice would be to ‘think globally’. There is no reason why we should not regard ourselves as a global player; and I think from that perspective, which I believe is one that we have embraced, we will achieve a great deal more.”

“What three priority areas will you be focusing on in this first year of your appointment?”

“Well I am yet to take confirmed instructions from Government; so once that is achieved I would be able to answer that in more detail. But I think the basic issues in Education and Health are always a priority.”

Speaking in terms of family relationships and friends in the UK and Anguilla, Mrs. Cluff said: “I was born and bred in Slough and so if you cut me in half it says Slough in the middle, Anguilla chapter. These are life-long friends and connections and of course family.”

By anguillian February 15, 2016 09:12


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