South Hill Youths Give Back to Alma Mater

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Presentation of Cheque

The Adrian T. Hazel Primary School (Road School) was on the receiving end of a cheque donated by young people who were former students of the school.
The group, MLMS, was formed as a social peer group of young people who attended the school. As the 12 member group expanded from a just a few friends hanging out and organizing social gatherings and other activities, they decided that it was time to make a more meaningful contribution towards their community. Initial contact was made with the school to determine its needs. Members of the group took a guided tour of the school conducted by Principal, Tracelyn Hamilton, in search of projects and areas they can improve. Initially, the group aimed to source funding for a number of much needed fans for the school. However, as that need was met, the group decided to make a general contribution to the school of EC $10,752.80.
The money was raised over a period of time through a number of activities including a car raffle. Leader of the group, Sheldon Richardson, spoke to the media: “We must get the school in a better position that is more conducive for learning for the children that attend. There are other groups that volunteer around the community – however, we would try to focus on the school for now, but assist other groups within the community where needed”.

Acknowledging the timely donation by the group, Chief Education Officer, Ms. Rhonda Connor said: “I would want to say thanks to the committee on behalf of the Ministry and the Department of Education. It shows that our young people value our education and there is a need for funds”. She also highlighted that the school will be celebrating 50 years of existence in September. Ms Connor noted that it is her goal to see an alumni officially established.

Principal, Tracelyn Hamilton, joined the Chief Education Officer in thanking the group “on behalf of the staff and more importantly our children. We want to thank the young group for really thinking about us here at the Adrian T. Hazel Primary School”. Mrs. Hamilton noted that the School is very much still on a technology drive and is looking forward to the School’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

By anguillian January 25, 2016 09:52 Updated


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