End of Hurricane Season 2015

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The Valley, Anguilla – Today the 2015 Hurricane Season ends. This season was predicted to be below average, and in many ways it was; it produced 11 named storms, 4 of which became hurricanes.

We were fortunate this year to come through this season unscathed; this however cannot be said for our neighbour Dominica, who suffered torrential rains from Tropical Strom Erika. This showed that not only major hurricanes can ruin lives and impact local economies, but also illustrates the need for preparedness and vigilance at all times when a tropical cyclone is in the area. It must be remembered that Tropical storms are as dangerous as hurricanes, the main difference being the intensity of the wind speed.

We thank you all for your diligence exercised throughout the year and willingness to participate in any disaster event and urge that you continue your level of preparedness by developing relevant plans and conducting exercises/scenarios in order to boost response capability.
We encourage people to sign up for the Anguilla Warning System at www.ddmaxa.org to receive timely alerts for pending incidents which can save lives. We urge you to remember the 3 B’s – Be Aware, Be Informed and Be prepared.
For assistance or further information regarding our natural hazards and safety precautions, you may contact us at the Department of Disaster Management on 497 -2926.

On behalf of the National Disaster Management Committee, the Director and staff of the Department of Disaster Management, would like to wish you all a Merry and blessed Christmas season, and a hazard free and Happy New Year.
Department of Disaster Management
30 November 2015

– Press Release

(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian December 7, 2015 09:46 Updated


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