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Attendees at Church ServiceMinister of Social Development the Hon. Evans McNiel Rogers has commended the Anguilla Community Action Network, ACAN, for its pivotal role in raising the awareness of HIV/AIDS in Anguilla.

The Minister along with Chief Minister the Hon. Victor Banks and Minister of Infrastructure the Hon. Curtis Richardson were among government and other officials, including a delegation from AIDES St. Martin in attendance at the church service at the World Harvest Church on Sunday morning.
Minister Rogers said he was delighted to have been given the opportunity to speak at the celebration of such a milestone event. “We acknowledge the President and members of ACAN for the innovative and distinctive programmes implemented over the years. ACAN has remained instrumental in raising the awareness of HIV/AIDS in Anguilla. Project HOPE [Helping Our People Elevate] is one example of the continued courage that ACAN has demonstrated, he added.

In remarks at the service, Ms. Kim Cutler, Projects Officer at the Governor’s Office said ACAN was one example of an organization that sees the connection between the health of one person and the health of the community and society.
She spoke about the various factors – physical, mental, emotional, social/relational and spiritual which directly contributed to the wellness of the society and urged those in attendance to continue to treat themselves and others with compassion, love and kindness.

Speaking on behalf of ACAN, Programme Coordinator/Director Mrs. Karen Morancie noted that since its formation, ACAN had been successful in implementing a number of initiatives towards achieving the goal of educating the Anguillian community about HIV/AIDS prevention. Among those she highlighted were ACAN’s five year strategic plan, the completion of Project HOPE, acquiring funding from the Governor’s Office and the ongoing partnership with the Ministry of Health, Gender Affairs and AIDES St Martin.

Mrs. Morancie noted that over the past 9 years many persons have worked arduously to ensure ACAN’s success. She continued: “It would be remiss of me not thank those persons and the various governmental and non-governmental organizations for their support during these years. It is our belief that achieving an AIDS-Free Generation in the future is possible. While this goal may seem ambitious, it is achievable through sustained partnerships, financial and political commitment and community support.”
For her part, Mrs. Twyla Bradshaw Director of the Chronic Non-Communicable Disease Unit at the Ministry of Social Development reaffirmed the Ministry’s commitment to continued collaboration with ACAN.
She noted that this year, the national AIDS programme was transitioned into a Chronic Diseases Unit which widened the mandate to include other major chronic diseases.

The Health Official also took the opportunity to speak about the strides which the Unit was taking in organizing and delivering preventative services, chronic treatment and care, addressing the social and environmental determinants of health issues and reforming life choices.
“Therefore we need organisations such as ACAN who advocate and are our ears and eyes within the community,” she added.
Activities in observance of ACAN’s 9th anniversary will continue with a panel discussion on October 22nd at the Kingdom Citizen’s Church and Street Talk on October 30th at the People’s Market.

– Press Release
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By anguillian October 19, 2015 10:42 Updated


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