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Participating schools

The Jingle Competition, one of a series of activities in observance of Health Protection Week in Anguilla, has been won by St. Mary’s Anglican Preschool for the second consecutive year. The three students, who represented the preschool and scored 85 points, were Darrian Griffin, Cyan Carty and Kayleeah Richardson.


1st Place – St. Mary’s Pre-School

The Outreach Preschool placed second with 83 points – its students being Alexaundre Webster, Llamar Duke and Eioloni Mairyshaw.

In third place was the Central Christian Preschool with 70 points. Its participating students were Joden Henry, Jayce Vanterpool and Eboni Hodge.

The Bethel Methodist Preschool, Maranatha Preschool, Rainbow Preschool and the James Ronald Webster Development Centre also participated in the competition.


2nd Place – Outreach Pre-School

The activity was held by the Department Health Protection, and the Environmental Health Unit on Tuesday, October 13, at the Rodney MacArthur Rey Auditorium.

The continuing month-long Vector Awareness Programme for this year, in which the children participated, has its theme: “Extra, Extra: read all about it; bed bugs are here, but don’t be scared. Be prepared”.


3rd Place – Central Christian Pre-School

Mr. Ambrell Richardson, Director of Health Protection, told the students in part: “Today, you have joined the fight in this Vector Awareness Programme with your jingles. I am sure you have knowledge and understanding about this potential threat; the methods of control; and the information you can pass on to your friends and family so that they can protect themselves also…I commend you and the teachers of the various preschools for your hard work and contribution to creating awareness for a safe, healthy and beautiful Anguilla.”


Judges: John Llyod, Kyra Hughes and Crispin Brooks

The Judges for the competition were Kyra Hughes, Crispin Brooks and John Lloyd.

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