Obituary: KARLE T. SMITH

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Karle T Smith receiving  Anguilla Day Award 2008

Karle T Smith receiving
Anguilla Day Award 2008


Church, community and social life in Anguilla, and family and friends, have lost another stalwart. He is Mr. Karle T. Smith, 56, of Island Harbour, one of the most versatile and multi-faceted Anguillian nationals over the past years. He died at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in the early hours of Wednesday, September 9 – just eight days after his birthday.

A jovial young man, full of life, humour and goodwill, Karle T. Smith had a winsome personality with an aptitude for making instant and enduring friendships which automatically attracted many to him. He was a friend and associate of persons from all walks of life, who respected, if not adored him, many of whom were desirous to emulate his fine qualities. Despite having a big heart and lofty ideals, he remained steeped in humility, freely giving of himself to others through acts of generosity, love, and other humanitarian principles. He lived an ordinary life, finding much pleasure and pastime in animal husbandry and agricultural activities.

During the more prosperous years in Anguilla, when the construction industry was booming, Karle T. Smith was a popular project manager and coordinator for the building of a number of vacation homes and villas. Some of these attractive structures are located on the sea rocks at Island Harbour and in other scenic locations on the island. As such, he contributed in great measure to the development of Anguilla. It was in recognition of this service that he was awarded a Badge of Honour and a Queen’s Certificate in 2008 for Social Development. The presentation was made to him by former Chief Minister, Mr. Osbourne Fleming, during the Anguilla Day celebrations at the Ronald Webster Park.

The late Karle Smith was an ardent member and Christian brother in the Seventh-day Adventist Church at Mount Fortune, where he held the appointment as Deacon.

He is survived by his immediate family – his wife, Mrs. Ruth Smith; one daughter, Mrs. Trevesa Smith Frederick, a Teacher at the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School, one son, Pastor Trevor Smith, who is completing a Master of Divinity Degree at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan – and many other relatives in the wider family circle.

To all of them, The Anguillian offers heartfelt condolences. He will be greatly missed.


By anguillian September 14, 2015 10:36 Updated


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