There Is Something About Scouting That Is Different And Special

By anguillian August 21, 2015 10:53


The Scouts’ Association of Anguilla hosted a contingent of nineteen scouts from the United Kingdom from July 25th to August 1st. This was a first time visit to the Caribbean for all of these scouts, except their leader Nigel Hailey. He decided that on his next trip he would bring along a group of young people to learn first-hand what Anguilla is like. It was their first “warm” vacation as they described it, as they are extremely impressed and delighted, not only with the warmth of the weather but particularly with the friendliness of the people.

While on Anguilla, the UK scouts, along with their Anguillian counterparts, engaged in different educational and fun activities. These included attending worship at St. Mary’s Anglican Church, work at the Scouts and Guides Ruthwill Auditorium, sightseeing, playing miniature golf, attending a reception at Government House, tours to the Heritage Museum and the Fountain Cavern trail, day trip to St. Martin/St. Maarten, sailing on the glass bottom boat and picnics.
It is educational and cultural exchanges like this one that makes scouting the unique and fun-filled organisation that it is. The Anguilla scouts are planning a return trip to the United Kingdom in 2017. In 2016, a contingent of Cub Scouts will travel to Guyana for the Caribbean Cuboree and the next Caribbean Jamboree is slated for Dominica in 2017.

The Scouts’ Association welcomes young people, both males and females from the age of seven, to join the organisation. Troop and pack meetings resume in September.

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By anguillian August 21, 2015 10:53


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