Poetry Cornor: Anguillian Politics by Hyacinth E. Hughes

By anguillian April 7, 2015 10:10 Updated



Tell mi wha gon wrong wid politics in dis country?
Dere was a time when one man use ti represent we;
Everybody showed him great respect and honour
Even if dey preferred somebody else or didn’t vote fi he.

Well over de years tings gon from bad ti worse.
Today yuh gotta be careful who yuh talk politics wid
‘Cause people hold yuh up if yuh don’t support dere party
Or dey stop speakin ti yuh, or shun yuh like yuh got de plague.

Everybody know dat politics is a real dutty game.
Some o’ de seasoned politicians as well as de wannabees
Tryin ti outdo each udda digging up any kind o’ dut
To assassinate one anudda’s character or blacken dere name.

Sometimes our politicians behave like dem backward
’Cause dey blame one anudda fi all dat gon wrong.
Dey spend more time rantin and ravin bout triffles
Than wha dey goin do ti get dis country movin forward.

Lately dere’s lots o’ shoo-shooing bout de buyin o’ votes.
Dey say who can’t gi cash, givin materials or house appliances;
My vote is fi free ‘cause uh can’t be bribed
So don’t try to buy mi off wid yuh hundred dollar notes.

Dis party politics dividin and alienatin all o’ we.
Uh believe it’s time fi we ti elect a national government;
Maybe then we’ll be lucky enuff ti get the most effective leaders
Who’ll rule dis country in love, peace and prosterity.

By anguillian April 7, 2015 10:10 Updated


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