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Ms. Jade Reymond with members of British Dependency Band

British Dependency Band, which has assisted in promoting Anguilla in the world of music, has now become a partner with LIME Anguilla, promoting the telecommunications company’s products and services at home and abroad.
The partnership agreement for three years, was announced on Tuesday, March 31.
“Today is truly a momentous occasion for us,” Ms Jade Reymond, the company’s Marketing Manager in Anguilla told reporters. “We have had the opportunity in the past to be part of the development and work that British Dependency has done. We have now made it official by bringing the band on board as an endorsee of LIME’s products and services.

“LIME recognises the importance of the impact that British Dependency has had on the music culture, not only in Anguilla, but also regionally and globally. Our partnership agreement will span a three-year term. LIME is extremely instrumental in fostering relationships throughout the community, and we think that this partnership is indeed a perfect fit as the group has a positive image and impact. This is not only in music education, but also in the music that the band performs.”
Ms Reymond stressed that the members of the band will provide representation for LIME Anguilla. “These are the faces that will be associated with LIME’s brand – whether that means promoting our products and services through their imagery or in song form, jingles, press conferences, so they will basically be the face of the brand,” she stated.
Davon Carty, Manager of British Dependency, said LIME was a perfect partner for what the band does in terms of marketing and music technology. He reported that the band, which will shortly be performing in New York, has a new album for release and has been on a number of recent tours outside of the United States. Such tours have included Japan, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.

By anguillian April 7, 2015 10:00 Updated


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