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Mrs. Amanda Stewart

Mrs. Amanda Stewart

HE The Governor Christina Scott has today announced that Mrs Amanda Stewart will replace Mr Rudolph Proctor as Commissioner of the Royal Anguilla Police Force. Commissioner Proctor will officially retire on 10 July 2015. Commenting on the appointment, the Governor said:

“I am happy to announce that, following an open competition and in consultation with the Public Services Commission, the Chief Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, I am appointing Mrs Amanda Stewart as Police Commissioner of Anguilla.

I take this opportunity to thank Commissioner Proctor for five years dedicated service in charge of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, concluding a successful and distinguished career of over thirty years. Mr Proctor’s dedication, integrity and professionalism have been the hallmarks of his service to all the people of Anguilla. On behalf of the many Governors Mr Proctor has worked with, it has been an honour to have him as a trusted and effective colleague.
I wish him all the best in his future endeavours. And I extend my congratulations and welcome to Mrs Stewart, who beat a strong field of over 15 applicants to secure the role.”

Police Commissioner Proctor made the following statement upon the announcement of his successor:

“As Commissioner of Police of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, I take this opportunity in joining with Her Excellency, The Governor, Ms Christina Scott, in welcoming Commissioner of Police designate Mrs. Amanda Stewart to Anguilla and the Royal Anguilla Police Force.
It has been a privilege and a pleasure during which I am proud to have served the people of Anguilla firstly as a police officer for some 32 years, and secondly as their Commissioner of Police for the past 5 years. Though challenging at times I found those years to be most rewarding. I am indeed grateful for the support given to me by my colleagues and sub-ordinates as well as the Anguillan public during those years of service, and can only hope that the same support that I received will be given to Commissioner Stewart as she takes up her post here in Anguilla.

Commissioner Stewart: I welcome you to a unique country, and I know you will no doubt find the warmth and hospitality of its people very intriguing.”

On the announcement of her appointment, Mrs Stewart said:

“It is an honour to have been appointed as the next Commissioner of the Royal Anguilla Police Force.

Leading a police service is an immense privilege and I am committed to ensuring the people of Anguilla will have access to the very best policing service. I believe that good policing is delivered in partnership with the community and I will strive to ensure that police and communities in Anguilla will work closely together to keep people safe.

Building on good relationships and listening to the families; churches; businesses; youth groups; volunteers; elected officials and other leaders who make up the fabric of our communities will help us achieve our vision of a safe, confident and peaceful Anguilla. I am really looking forward to getting to know and serve the people of Anguilla over the coming years.”

Mrs Stewart has over 30 years policing experience, most recently in the Police Service of Northern Ireland where she served with distinction in a number of roles, including Operations Manager for North and West Belfast and various positions within Crime Operations Branch. She has extensive experience in community policing, focusing on involving elected and community representatives in the development and implementation of community policing plans. Mrs Stewart has placed a strong emphasis throughout her career on the professional development and training of the police officers under her command.

Mrs Stewart will be joined in Anguilla by her husband Donald Stewart. She will formally take up the position on 13 July 2015. In advance of this, on Sunday 12 April, Mrs Stewart will visit Anguilla for a week to meet with Commissioner Proctor and others as she prepares for her appointment.

– Press Release

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By anguillian April 13, 2015 10:32
  • Shervon

    I don’t support someone else that’s not Caribbean born to take up such a position in Anguilla. I don’t know her personally but I don’t think they have our best interest at heart especially where the black and white dynamic is involved. The USA for example. This should have been someone who was Caribbean based who our people can relate to and can best reach the youth in solving the problems. I’m definitely glad that the current police commissioner is leaving as he in my opinion did not do a good job in executing justice for the families who have lost love ones by gun violence. All could have been avoided if they had seek to make effort in solving such cases like ones of the like of Devon Ryan who got shot and killed at blowing point. They showed the public that they did not care for certain people and they got not justice in which they deserve. I really think if no suitable candidates were found in Anguilla, we could have looked to our brothers in other Caribbean islands to aid in acquiring this. Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago or at Thomas to name a few.

  • G M C

    Well, now a woman PC in Anguilla. I hope that she will be effective in stemming crime, conscientious and unbiased in the execution of her duties, but most of all that she is tough on crime. Change is good. Embrace it! My apologies for the previous post and typos.

  • G M C

    G M C • a few seconds ago
    Well, now a woman PC in Angulla.Change is good. Embace it! I hope that she wll be effective in stemmng crime, consciencious and unbiased in the execution of her duties, but most of all that she is tough on crime.

  • G M C

    Well, now a woan PC in Angulla.Change is goo. Embac i! I hope that she wll be effective in stemmng crime, consciencious and unbiased in the execution of her duties, but most of all that she is tough on crime.


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