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Dear Editor:

Last Sunday, on 1st February, my husband and I took our niece and partner to blowing point ferry port to go to Julianna Airport Dutch in St Maarten.

As we drove outside the Ferry port, before we could park, two men came shouting. One said park where we were, the other said go in the car park on the left. My husband pulled in where he was, and the shorter man grabbed the suitcases. They both then started arguing with each other, and pressuring the two travellers to take their boat. This was absolutely disgusting behaviour. Surely the traveller can decide which route to take, to Marigot or the Dutch side for the airport?

In view our niece’s Dad died the day before, this caused a lot of upset and stressed them both.

I am appalled at what is being allowed to happen when both routes are available. I was told this has been happening for a long time. As someone who comes to ANGUILLA for long periods with my husband, I felt very disappointed at the childish behaviour on show. And the unreasonable pressure displayed to passengers.

Surely there is SOMEONE who is accountable at this very busy port? Why do tourists and Anguillans have to put up with that despicable behaviour, when leaving this lovely Island?

Surely ANGUILLA wants their tourists to return with wonderful memories???

A concerned Belonger

(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian February 27, 2015 10:01


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