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The Anguilla United Front is very concerned about a situation over the weekend that could result in a great deal of tension within our community. It has been reported that an unidentified caller made threatening statements to Mrs. Norma Hughes, the wife of our Chief Minister, the Honourable Hubert Hughes, on Saturday 24, 2015. The unidentified caller allegedly threatened Mrs. Hughes and her family with deadly harm.
We have absolutely no reason to doubt the authenticity of this report. But whether it is a prank call or a serious call — is not important. The fact that it has spread across the island creates a dangerous situation about which we all must be concerned. It is unacceptable, especially given the emotive and explosive nature of politics, for anyone to behave in this way. Prank death threats or willful death threats have the same effect. Everyone must assume that they are serious and take the necessary precautions.

Through this medium the Anguilla United Front would like to express its outrage with this kind of behavior. And especially in the circumstances of the recent grief and loss endured by Mrs. Hughes and her family this conduct must be considered even more callous and despicable.

There is the suggestion that the motive for all of this could be political. As Leader of the Anguilla United Front I reached out to my opposite number in the Anguilla United Movement, Dr Lorenzo Webster and we have agreed that this kind of conduct must not form part of the political process in our island and must be strongly condemned.
On behalf of my colleagues in the Anguilla United Front I wish to publicly state that our party will do whatever it takes to prevent this kind of behavior from rearing its ugly head in Anguilla.

Victor F Banks
AUF Party Leader
January 26th 2015

(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

By anguillian January 30, 2015 09:52


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