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press DAYMARK first agents picture 1 - 19Jan15 press DAYMARK first agents picture 2 - 19Jan15 

Pictured here are the first agents, Nisha Dupuis from the .ai Anguilla Incubator Inc. program at ALHCS and Tesia Harrigan a director of the company. Qualified agents earn commissions for “Certificate of Intellectual Property Residence” (CIPR) clients. Additionally a contribution from these CIPR sales is made to a “Napkin Capital” fund for Anguillian based start-ups.

Lanston Connor, Registrar of Commercial Activities, is pictured turning over a filed copy of Ms. Dupuis’ own certification document which was produced online by her at

Jeannette Guzman, National Bank of Anguilla, is shown receiving a US$1000 cheque from .ai Anguilla Incubator for the first contribution to the Napkin Capital fund.

DAYMARK is an online platform which helps inventors, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs and innovators of all types to navigate the registration process for their creative Intellectual Property.

DAYMARK is unique to Anguilla and was founded to stimulate and incubate ideas here. At the same time, the CIPR provides certainty as to residence and ownership of anyone’s IP assets.

Without such certainty, the legitimacy, ownership, residence, and taxation of such assets may be in doubt. Witness global controversy over taxes, legislation, substance, etc. between many governments on the one hand and companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Starbucks, etc., on the other hand.

Students in the .ai Anguilla Incubator project at ALHCS are all eligible to become DAYMARK agents. You may qualify too! Register at DAYMARK, see a student or, call (264) 497-3800.

– Press Release

By anguillian January 23, 2015 08:27


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