TVET Council Hosts First Girls Get Tech Camp

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Girls Get Tech Camp 1 Girls Get Tech Camp 3From December 8th -12th, the TVET Council is hosting the first Girls Get Tech Camp (Girls Get Tech). This camp is seen as a way of preparing girls for future careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The purpose of the camp is to introduce girls ages 9-15 to various skills in technical areas including:
• Electronics
• Woodworking
• Robotics
• Programming
• Button making
The sessions are being held at the Electrical and Electronics Lab, Woodworking Lab and TVET Computer Lab at the ALHCS, Campus A.

The Girls Get Tech camp introduces girls ages 9-15 to applied skills and technology careers and encourages them to consider a variety of career choices. This camp also reinforces the importance of taking Science; Math based subjects and Design and Technology in high school by stressing the impact those subjects have on career decisions. In this camp, each girl will get a chance to use tools and participate in a collaborative style in creative decisions. They will be encouraged to be inventive and solve problems using all of the materials at hand. They will work in small groups on projects.
This camp will help to demystify the notion that certain careers are for boys. The traditional view of boys and girls as having gender related pre-determined talents and abilities intersects with and diminishes their potential as individuals, to explore and pursue satisfying careers free of gender bias and shapes institutions to respond to traditional gender norms in their education and training offer.
The general public and stake holders are invited to view an exhibition on Friday 12th December at 11:15am at the Electronics Lab at the ALHCS.

This camp is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) through the Anguilla Community College Development Project. For more information please contact Camp Director and Planner Ms Janis McKeag-Richardson at .

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By anguillian December 19, 2014 12:30 Updated


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