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Tamisha Richardson and her mother

Tamisha Richardson and her mother

The ATA is pleased to announce that Tamisha Richardson will be awarded a full tennis athletic scholarship to attend Virginia State University in the Spring of 2015.
Tamisha joined the ATA program at the tender age of seven (7). From the very first day Tamisha started she demosntrated a keen interest in the game. Over the years, Tamisha worked hard and remained dedicated to her dream on one day going to university on a tennis athletic scholarship. Tamisha’s dream is now realized because of her determination, discipline, and dedication to the sport. Tamisha’s confidence grew in 2013 when she won the Easter classic female championship by defeating Avern Gumbs in the final.
Upon graduating from 6th form, Tamisha started working at the Anguilla Tennis Academy so she could continue her training in preparation for college.

Mr. Mitch Lake and Tamisha Richardson  signing agreement

Mr. Mitch Lake and Tamisha Richardson
signing agreement

The ATA has developed great relationships with colleges across the USA. Because of these relationships, the ATA under the leadership of Mitch Lake has provided student graduates with opportunities to pursue higher education. Past students such as Keithroy Proctor who attended Lamberth University in 2006, Nzingha Banks who attended Washburn University in 2012, Avern Gumbs who attended Clark Atlanta University in 2013 and now Tamisha Richardson who will be attending Virginia State University in 2015.
Tamisha took the initiative for her training regiment which was wholeheartedly and sacrificially supported by Mitchell Lake. Valuable assistance was provided by Chris Wade, ATA Coaches and ATA Staff.
Mitchelle Lake, the Founder and CEO of the ATA affirms that “Tamisha is great tennis player who will make a positive contribution to her Virgina Sate University tennis team. Her passion and commitment to the sport of tennis will allow her to achieve both individual and team success. She also has great academic ability which I am sure we will see manifested in her future grades. Tamisha is a role model for the younger tennis players and an ambassador for Anguilla.”DSC_0449 DSC_0452 DSC_0454

Virginia State University is offering to Tamisha
Athletic scholardhip – US$16,000.00
Provost scholarship – US$6,500.00
University Scholarship – US$1,500.00
Pell Grant – US$5,700.00
Grand total of US$29,700.00

Tamisha’s tuition for the 2015 Spring Semester is covered in full and she will be eligible to receive the full amount of the Pell grant thus giving her a full scholarship to VSU.
Tamisha and her family are exceedingly grateful for this blessing. They are very grateful to Mitch Lake, ATA Coaches, Educators, Fitness Trainers, friends, sponsors and everyone who has assisted her and for their well wishes.
The Anguilla Tennis Academy (“ATA”) is a nonprofit organization established under the laws of Anguilla. For the past nineteen (19) years, the ATA has been introducing tennis to the island of Anguilla as well as other surrounding countries. The Anguilla Tennis Academy is dedicated to providing the highest quality tennis instruction to Anguillian, Caribbean and International youth in a competitive environment while encouraging exemplary sportsmanship.

– Press Release

(Published without editing by The Anguillian newspaper.)

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    This is great new. All the best Tamisha.


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