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DSC_7605Fourteen persons, originally from several Caribbean islands, and resident in Anguilla for a number of years, have been awarded British Overseas Territories’ citizenship, with basically the same rights and privileges as Anguillians.
The qualifying certificates, signed by the British Home Secretary, were presented to them by Governor Christina Scott at Government House on Tuesday evening, November 4, after taking the oaths of allegiance and citizenship.

Just before presenting them with their certificates, the Governor said: “You will be British citizens, along with other Anguillians, accorded that status by the British Overseas Territories’ Act, 2002. As British citizens, you will join Anguillians enjoying the right to work in the UK, free from immigration control, with the same advantages extended to you in other member countries of the European Union as well as United Kingdom.” She said they also had the opportunity to apply for a British passport.

“On behalf of the Governor’s Office and Queen Elizabeth the Second, I congratulate you on becoming British citizens. I hope that by virtue of your already strong connections with Anguilla you will continue to work for the good of Anguilla and its sustained economic development and advancement,” Governor Scott added.

The newly certified British Overseas Territories’ Citizens in Anguilla are as follows:

Nathalee Rosemarie Cameca Brodie, Alison Ramona Dore, Ivan Renford Dore, Shirmaine Shelleian Lynch-Harrigan, Janice Patricia Johnson, Pablo Lake, Perla Estarly Lake, Glendarose Scycley Lewis Ebanks, Eileen Pascal-Mitchel, Carlos Vaden Allison Charles, Kenny Marvin Williams, Cleo Ackintola Chaka Hamm, Shasha Onike Jordan-Herbert and Adolfo Alejandro Carty.

By anguillian November 7, 2014 08:44


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