They have not got what it takes!

By anguillian October 10, 2014 09:59



by N. Ashton Bradley

by N. Ashton Bradley

Is that all they’ve got? Well how low can you go? The limbo boys have gone so low that now you need a forklift truck to pick them up off the floor. And now much of? the talk is about the level of politics, and the type of campaign nonsense, on which the AUM relies in an effort to get re-elected. But the majority of the people now know that they have gone too low “with their stupidness”. On Election Day the majority of right thinking voters will punish the guttersnipes at the polling booth because now they have enough evidence to see them for what they are, and know not to waste their vote on them.

Most of the evidence shows that “they have not got what it takes.” Certainly it takes more than mere worn-out criticism; frivolous and unfounded and unsupported diatribe; dirt digging; rumour mongering; below the belt shots; and other such worthlessness. This is the type of stuff to which self-respecting and seasoned politicians would not descend to or even touch with the proverbial “telegraph pole” —?because they do not think it good or decent politics.

It is left to the people of Anguilla to cast their votes against the purveyors of such nonsense and not reward them with it. Furthermore, even if they did so before, they should not now want to associate themselves with that sentiment. In fact they should withdraw themselves from it — and this time use their vote to reject the nonsense.

The Mighty Sparrow, the calypsonian, sang that “sixty million Frenchmen can not be wrong”. Maybe he should re-think that because now thousands of Anguillians are thinking that they voted wrong the way last time.

They expected more from the regime and are now disappointed with the outcome of casting their vote that way. They believe that they have been short-changed because this Government has not delivered — nor yet performed in either of the key areas of political concern. And to them the most disappointing feature is that the people for whom they voted have unmistakably demonstrated their incompetence — and their strength in politics does not go beyond gossip, cussing and fussing.

Clearly, they have not put forward a decent pragmatic workable idea. That is not their bag! Theirs is to “play the cow” bringing it up; regurgitating and chewing the cud over and over again. They revel in blame and try to cause scandal as they try to tarnish other people’s good name. They should be ashamed about their record in office.

Based on their own scorecard they have failed miserably. They promised so much and have delivered so little. From the standpoint of political maturity they do not appear on the radar screen, and in terms of economic growth they have merely established themselves as a bad joke.

So fellow voters, can we carry on like this? Or should we look elsewhere? Already there is the Anguilla United Front, a well equipped and established party that knows where the party and the country should be going. Its leadership is seeking the opportunity to take us there by presenting capable candidates to become representatives.

The inclusion of Mrs. Evalie Bradley on the party’s roster of candidates confirms where the party is heading in this campaign. It wants to raise the bar for issues and lower the gutter sniping rhetoric. Candidate Bradley has what it takes. Foremost the candidate seeks election on the principles inherent in the idea of “my country tis of thee”. She declares her candidacy is not based on “running” against anybody but rather that she is offering her services to the people of Anguilla.

Candidate Bradley brings to the party a wealth of experience in Government, and to the country at large, much needed goodwill in politics. She is a virgin political candidate and carries no baggage. Her imprint is throughout the community.

Candidate Bradley has been involved in Anguilla’s future from the time they began to set up the island’s earlier superstructure. Bradley has served as Establishment Secretary, Clerk to House of Assembly; Labour Commissioner – and in charge of protocol at the CM’s Office. Fellow Anguillians, she undeniably has what it takes — and her credentials speak out loud.

Fellow voters this regime at the last election promised much and delivered nothing — they even ignored their own promises. So are we going to take a tip from Calypso Rose when she sings: Whatever they do you do them back! So if they ignore you — ignore them back. And if you see their name on the ballot paper IGNORE IT!


By anguillian October 10, 2014 09:59


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