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Dear Editor:

0The Government of Anguilla is considering rescinding its longstanding ban on the use of jet skis within its national waters (which are blue, green and house all manner of magnificent coral and fish, turtles, and dolphins). Some Anguillians — those who will have the franchises to lease jet skis to consumers — see it as an income-producing activity at a time when our ability to generate income is at an ebb, a very important consideration.

We know all of the negatives of jet skis – accidents, pollution, and damage to the ecosystem. What are the positives? I assume that some believe that their legalization will permit some to generate income, a perfectly worthwhile goal. But — to those who are considering the capital expenditures necessary to purchase and service jet skis — have you considered what you will be spending versus the likely return? You know that people who like jet skis have not, historically, come to Anguilla. I doubt that their availability is going to be the factor that makes a non-Anguilla visitor become an Anguilla visitor (Put another way, how many people — when deciding where to visit — say, “The only thing that is keeping me from visiting Anguilla is the absence of jet skis?”). My guess is that the answer is “not many.” So, would-be jet ski concessionaires, how much is it going to cost you to purchase these jet skis plus all of the extras necessary to run a jet ski business (fueling stations; fuel; service expertise and places to do the servicing; spare and replacement parts — and what will be the duties to be paid on those parts? — insurance, etc–you will need insurance because more than one drunken tourist is going to amputate a foot or leg and sue you claiming that it is your fault; you better have a lot of liability insurance)….the whole enterprise is going to cost you (pun intended), “an arm-and-a-leg.” What if you “build it and no one comes?” How much money will you lose? Or, if you “succeed” at getting jet skis in the water, how many other tourists will you lose? Do the would-be jet ski entrepreneurs own other tourism-sensitive businesses? If so, will you be losing $10 of tourism business from those who abandon AXA because of jet skis for the $1 that you will gain from jet skis? The risk/reward is not likely to yield jet ski businesses much gain (and–given the cost of gasoline–how are you going to price the use of these machines?). Do the positives of jet skis remotely equal–let alone greatly exceed–their negatives? I doubt it; perhaps you should re-sharpen your pencils and re-calculate before Anguilla destroys one of its greatest assets, “tranquility” wrapped in blue. Prior to the Oct 24 vote, there will be a series of town hall meetings, I urge all to attend, voice your concerns. Do not let greed master man, Say no to jet skis.

A long time visitor.

By anguillian October 3, 2014 09:12
  • Tara

    As a visitor, I am happy you do not have jet skis. The appeal to your beautiful (to me) is your integrity to withstand the pressures of greed and keep the earth as natural as possible. God bless Anguilla!!

  • Sue

    As a regular tourist to the island, it’s a huge turnoff. Think very hard before putting this idea into play.

  • Guest

    Please say No to jet skis. You now are tranquility wrapped in blue – you will lose that if you allow jet skis.


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