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DSC_6329The Adrian T Hazell Primary School, whose reopening was delayed for two days last week, while refurbishing work was being completed, is pleased with what has been done to improve the environmental conditions there.

“I am embracing the new change and looking forward to even enhancing that school in some way,” said Mrs Tracelyn Hamilton, the new Principal, who was transferred from the Vivien Vanterpool Primary School. “As you know, we are supposed to be getting a new school at the Adrian T Hazell Primary, so I will have to work around that as much as possible also to meet the needs of our children.”

Principal Tracelyn Hamilton

Tracelyn Hamilton

Asked what the situation was at the school following the refurbishing work, Mrs Hamilton responded: “Our teachers are ready. We had those extra two days because they were very necessary in order for the completion of our classrooms. The teachers have made the classrooms as welcoming and clean as possible. On a daily basis, we will continue to ensure that the school is sanitised for the safety and health of all. We have had visits from Environmental Health personnel and the School Health Nurses. They, along with us, are ensuring that we have a clean and healthy environment.”

The school has been plagued by mildew and smelly roof tiles, leaks and rats and bats and their droppings, occasioning the remedial work, carried out by a number of construction workers.

The entire four buildings, comprising the school, are said to be in need of substantial rebuilding, to the extent that a new school has been designed. Work is expected to begin on the construction of a new building to house eight classrooms in the near future.

By anguillian September 12, 2014 09:07


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