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The Ministry of Education in Anguilla has pledged its continued commitment to the promotion of excellence in the island’s education system. The pledge followed the announcement of the results of the 2014 CXC Examinations and the outstanding performance of a number of Anguillian students.

As the front page of this edition of The Anguillian depicts, fourteen students at the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School have excelled particularly well in the examinations. They, and other students who also did well, the school, parents and guardians, have all been commended by the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry hoped, in a statement issued on the results of the examinations, that closer partnerships would be forged in the years ahead, with the result being “increased resources for learning and improved instruction, support and outcomes for our students.”

Following is the full text of the Ministry’s statement: “The Ministry of Education remains committed to promoting an ethos of excellence in our education system. The Ministry applauds the strides being made at the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School to cater to the needs of its large and diverse student population. Special thanks are extended to the Principal, Senior Management Team, teachers and other professional staff of the school for their dedication to ensuring the success of the students.

The Ministry congratulates all the students on their achievements. We are pleased to report on the results of the examinations for the Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC). This year, the number of candidates sitting the examinations rose to 601. The areas examined were English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, French and Spanish. 79% of subject entries attained acceptable grades with 32% achieving mastery and 47% achieving competent.
Equally commendable is the performance of students who sat examinations for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC). This year 78% of the subject entries presented for General and Technical proficiencies achieved grades I to III and 59% of the candidates passed four or more subjects. In 21 out of the 32 subjects offered at the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School, more than 75% of the students achieved passing grades. Only in one subject did less than half the students attain passing grades. Worthy of note is the marked improvement in the student results for Mathematics when compared to previous years. This year, 55% of the students entered achieved passing grades.

The performance of students who sat the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) is also worthy of note. As in previous years, this year showed an increase in the number of students entering for the CAPE examinations. This year, 120 students entered. The percentage of subject entries achieving grades I to IV also increased to 86%. In 34 out of the 42 units examined, more than 75% of the students achieved passing grades. Only in 4 units did less than half the students achieve passing grades. The Ministry notes, however, that less than 5% of the subject entries achieved grade I and almost 50% of the entries achieved grades IV and V. The Ministry and Department of Education will therefore continue to work with the school to raise the level of achievement where necessary and to ensure optimal student performance.

The Ministry of Education extends deepest gratitude to parents, guardians and all others who gave the students the necessary support to ensure success. We encourage your continued involvement in their education. Thanks are also extended to all our community partners in education. Many times our partners have been called upon to contribute resources and they have willingly contributed where possible. The Ministry therefore also recognises their contribution to the success of our students.

The wellbeing and level of accomplishment of our students depend on all of us – the Ministry and Department of Education, the school, the home and the community. We trust that in the years ahead we will all forge closer partnerships which will result in increased resources for learning and improved instruction, support and outcomes for our students.”



By anguillian August 22, 2014 09:12


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