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Mr Statchel Warner has publicly announced his candidacy in the upcoming general election constitutionally due in 2015.

Mr Warner, who contested the 1989 election as a candidate of the Anguilla National Alliance is an Independent Candidate in Road South, District 6.

Speaking on Radio Anguilla’s Talk Anguilla, hosted by Keithstone Greaves, on Wednesday, Warner said he had decided to seek election for the same reason he had in 1989. He stressed, however, that the situation now was very grave and there was a need for proper leadership.

“I am confident that I can provide that kind of leadership especially since 1989…,” Mr Warner stated. “There has been very poor leadership and representation in District Number 6.

“I am contesting this election based on ideas. I don’t want to contest it based on personalities. So far, there has been too much character assassination and not ideas.

“Even if the people of District 6 were to reject me, for the sake of your children don’t reject my ideas. These are ideas that can significantly improve the quality of life in Anguilla and will benefit your children for generations to come.”

By anguillian July 11, 2014 09:39


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