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The police in Anguilla have reported at least two violent attacks on persons as well as the committing of other crimes during the period July 16-23.
According to the police, on Friday night, July 18, they received information that a Chinese national was taken to the outpatient department of the Princess Alexandra Hospital with gunshot wounds.

On arrival there, the police were told by a relative of the female patient that she was shot while walking from their business place at Island Harbour. The patient was treated for a serious wound to her left arm.
On the same date, Friday night, July 18, the police received a report of an attempted robbery at South Hill. It was reported that a person, with the initials JR, was attacked by two masked men armed with guns outside his home. He was assaulted by his attackers who tried to take his gold chain without success. The attackers ran off when someone went to his assistance.

The police arrested and charged Steven Hughes of South Hill for attempted robbery, assault and possession of a firearm. He appeared before the Magistrate’s Court on Friday, July 18, and was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison.

Meanwhile, a total of seven other serious crimes were reported during the past week. Among the offences were three burglaries at Roaches Hill, North Side and the Dental Unit. Jewellery and money were among the stolen items.
There were also two thefts at Statia Valley and Rock Farm. Among the stolen items were a boat engine, copper wire and money.

Eight persons were arrested during the period as follows: two males to prevent a breach of the peace; two males on suspicion of robbery; two females for fighting; one male for grievous bodily harm and one male for theft.

Six traffic accidents were reported.

By anguillian July 25, 2014 09:23


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