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20140402_132110On Tuesday, March 25, 2014, a group of Grade 6 girls at Valley Primary School,

who had participated in the DRUMBEAT Program for ten weeks, gave an impressive performance to an appreciative audience of students, staff and education officials.

DRUMBEAT (Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes and Thoughts) is a program which combines the benefits of the group drumming process with social and emotional learning through discussion.
Evaluations of this award-winning Australian program have consistently shown beneficial effects in a range of areas including classroom cooperation, teacherstudent relationships, emotional control and self-esteem.

The students were asked to help write this article for The Anguillian and shared their thoughts about the program:

Ediciah: “Drumbeat was a good experience. I learned how to cooperate more by working together and staying focused. We had fun playing the drums.”

Genesis: “I learned how to make people talk to me when I feel lonely. I learned how to be more confident and how to talk more in school.”

Serena: “Drumbeat helped me to learn to concentrate, be respectful and responsible. Also I learned to be kind to others by listening to them more. I learned to trust others to be confidential.”

Kenicia: “Drumbeat meant to me how to learn to cooperate with others, how to speak more and how to be kind and respectful.”

Leeshara: “I learned how to be kinder and to be confidential.”

Kilesha: “I learned to have confidence and to cooperate with each other. I learned that honesty, respect and communicating are important in relationships.”

Jahmeca: “In Drumbeat you have to focus on the drumming rhythms and that helped me learn to concentrate. I also had to watch and listen to my teammates in order to communicate with each other.”

Elleka: “In Drumbeat I learned how to cooperate and pay attention and be confidential. Before the performance I felt nervous and shy but we went through it together and it was good. We had fun.”

As a result of the enthusiasm of two groups of DRUMBEAT graduates at Valley Primary School, a new DRUMBEAT Club is being formed with the goal of performing together for the seniors and others.

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By anguillian April 11, 2014 08:39


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