Lincoln Car & Police Report

By anguillian February 14, 2014 09:33

Lincoln Car &  Police Report


Cyril Fitzsimons of Island Harbour picked up the keys for his Police Week raffle prize of a new 2014 Lincoln MKZ on Wednesday February 12. Mr. Fitzsimons, sporting a yellow sweater and golden cane, is of Irish desent and has lived in Anguilla for 22 years. In his excitement he said the first thing he would do would be to christen the car with a bottle of champaign.

The Lincoln MKZ has a push button engine start, a six speed auto transmission and can go up to 26 miles per gallon with the annual fuel cost as low as $2,000 US. Mr. Fitzsimons winning raffle ticket number was 2022.

In other police matters, during the period January 5th to February 12th there were five serious crimes as follows: three thefts at Viceroy, Island Harbour and The Farrington. Where the items stolen included an I pad, a bicycle and a boat engine; one burglary at Little Dix where a computer was stolen, and one report of Credit Card fraud where the persons identified were from overseas. It is a possibility that they have left the island.

Four male persons were arrested separately to prevent a breach of the peace; on a default warrant; for theft; and for immigration purposes.

There were five traffic accidents.

Article by Josharmond McKinson-Romney

By anguillian February 14, 2014 09:33


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