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Dear Mr. Editor,

Please permit me space in your weekly newspaper to highlight and express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Lowell Hughes of Hughes Medical Center and his Medical Team for the excellent care given to me during my recent surgery at his Center.

I am sure one will agree that having to do surgery could, for some patients, be a fearful experience regardless of how competent one’s physician is – and so was the experience for me. However, I must begin by giving credit to Nurse Camille of the operating theatre who allayed all my fears. This could only have been possible as a result of the fact that Nurse Camille exemplifies the true meaning of a professional; a professional who is not only competent in her job but who has a passion for what she does in that she was able to make me more prepared for the procedure with her psychological impact – going beyond her call of duty so that by the time I was rolled into theatre I was very calm and ready for what was to come.

Then there were my two main doctors — I cannot find words enough to adequately express my gratitude to Dr. John Franklin – my Urologist – assisted by Dr. Rhona Hodge who, for over 4 hours, very capably applied corrective surgery based on my diagnosis and obviously delivered in returning my life to normalcy.

Of course, my other experience at my overnight suite (which by the way was very impressive with the layout and amenities) continued to surpass my expectations at Hughes Medical Center. I must interject here and expound on the fact that the Hughes Medical Center was not only designed and erected as a structure to be equipped with the necessary equipment, bedding etc., BUT great thought and planning were utilised. Each time I lay on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, directly overhead were paintings strategically placed. These brought a feeling of serenity, a welcoming feeling for patients like me who are always fearful about visits to the doctor. I am sure that other patients visiting that Center can attest to this. I must also note that there are many of us who are often concerned about the cost factor when it comes to our health but, I dare say, money should not be a deterring factor when it has to do with one’s health – we must do the best for ourselves within our affordable limits.

I must also commend “my night nurse” who attentively stood by my bedside throughout the night showing compassion beyond her call of duty. We are aware that the immediate hours following surgery can be crucial and the last experience one needsis a medical attendee who is inattentive or impatient. But my “night nurse”, another team member at Hughes Medical Center, surpassed my expectations.

As I progressed with my recuperation, I had frequent follow-up post-surgery visits, and even during this phase there was relative post-surgery discomfort and sometimes impatience with getting back to the “norm”. Fortunately, this was where Dr. Lowell and attending Nurse “Cathy” came into play – another “medical angel” possessing the appropriate demeanor, personality and medical approach to me as a patient. These qualities should not be taken for granted as this is not always the case.

I have realized that many persons opt to seek medical attention overseas. Quite frankly this decision is entirely up to the individual. However for me, given this recent experience, I am pleased that I decided to have this second surgery at Hughes Medical Center.(My initial surgery was done overseas.)

Apart from my surgery being successful, it was also cost effective because:-
a) I did not have to travel off-island for pre or post-surgery.
b) Having done my surgery here on island, I had the advantage of having my family and friends visit with me immediately after surgery (and this was a critical time for me).
c) I was able to return to my home in familiar surroundings within a short time without being exposed to any discomfort of travel by air or sea.
d) I was able to complete all my post-surgery follow-up consultations on island without the expense of having to travel overseas.
e) Equally, and most importantly, I was able to have my pre and post-surgery procedures with an excellent team of professional and familiar faces, thus creating much reassurance that was required as a patient.
In conclusion, let me send kudos to my attending surgeon – Urologist , Dr. John Franklin, who, with his expert care and great medical skills gave me the opportunity to return my life to normalcy. May God continue to give him wisdom as he mends bodies.
To Dr. Lowell, both your administrative and medical team – all of whom I have come into contact with during my medical consultations – a big thank you. The members of the entire team have all demonstrated to me, by their services, that you have truly created a Medical Center of Excellence. May you and your staff continue with the obvious attribute to serve beyond measure – encompassed by superior excellence – God Bless.

(Name Withheld by request)

By anguillian February 22, 2013 08:19


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