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Mr. Colville Petty welcoming Lord Ashcroft

Like any tourist should, British MP, Lord Michael Anthony Ashcroft, KCMG, PC, has visited Heritage Collection Museum at East End, one of his first stops in Anguilla, to learn about the island’s rich cultural and social history.

Lord Ashcroft, who flew from London to the Caribbean,to board his yacht, arrived at Road Bay, Anguilla, on Friday, January 11. He was taken on a brief tour of the island by Chief Minister, Hubert Hughes, accompanied by Minster of Home Affairs, Walcott Richardson.

The touring party was met at Heritage Collection Museum by its Curator, Historian Colville Petty OBE, who escorted them through the various display rooms and explained the periods of history represented by the artifacts.

Chief Minister Hughes and Mr. Walcott Richardson with Mr. Petty

“I am absolutely amazed at the quality and the number of artifacts within this museum,” Lord Ashcroft told The Anguillian. “It’s quite clear – from the Curator’s side – a labour of love to be able to put something together as this. Since I have been around the Overseas Territories I have never ever quite seen something as comprehensive as this.This is a great credit to Anguilla.”

Asked about his visit to Anguilla the British MP, who is holidaying in the Caribbean,replied: “I am visiting for two reasons: one is that I am the President of the West India Committee that helps to foster relationships between the United Kingdom and the Caribbean; and secondly, as a Member of the House of Lords, I have taken a special interest in the Overseas Territories. I have visited most of them now, including even the island of Pitcairn in the South Pacific, and so I have been overdue in coming to Anguilla.”

Lord Ashcroft amazed at museum

Lord Ashcroft is a former Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. He sits in the House of Lords on the Conservative benches. An international businessmen, philanthropist and politician, he holds dual British and Belizean nationality and is a belonger of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Chief Minister Hughes, and Home Affairs Minister, Walcott Richardson, who were both at Heritage Collection Museum for the first time, were as equally amazed at the artifacts as Lord Ashcroft.

Mr. Hughes commented: “I think this is a great contribution that Mr. Petty has made to Anguilla’s culture, and we need to praise him more and to feature this more in our promotions as we go around promoting Anguilla as one of the best tourism destinations in the world. I will make sure to get involved and ensure that our tourists come to see this museum because we have a lot to offer here.”

Mr. Petty explaining operations of old factory cotton gin machinery

Mr. Richardson said in part: “I am very impressed with what I am seeing. The museum is rich with history and brings me back ever so humbly to my past. I believe that we need to do a lot more to make our young people very conscious of what it is all about in Anguilla.”

In addition to visiting the museum, and other places in Anguilla, Lord Ashcroft paid courtesy calls on Governor Alistair Harrison and Revolutionary Leader and former Chief Minister, Ronald Webster.

Artifacts of traditional Anguilla

Artifacts from the days of the Arawaks

By anguillian January 18, 2013 11:13


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