CAP JULUCA OBSERVES 25TH ANNIVERSARY Eleven Julucans Honoured For 25 Years

By anguillian January 25, 2013 08:52

CAP JULUCA OBSERVES 25TH ANNIVERSARY Eleven Julucans Honoured For 25 Years


Julucans at Anniversary celebration

Pimms Restaurant at Cap Juluca was filled to capacity as staff members, many invited guests, and others from throughout the island, joined in celebrating the resort’s 25th Anniversary on Thursday, January 17.

The event, which took the form of a cocktail party, was also attended by the owners of the property, Mr and Mrs Charles Hickox, who were accompanied by their daughter.


The Hickox family and Julucans with 25 years of service

In addressing the gathering, Mr. Kickox had this to say:
“It is a great pleasure for Linda and me to welcome you here today to celebrate Cap Juluca’s 25th anniversary.
“We reflect on our vision which started in 1984, when we were on vacation at the Malliouhana, and were invited to visit “the most beautiful beach in the world” at Maundays Bay.
“We found this amazing white virgin sand dune, without a blade of grass, a terrible wind howling and the clearest turquoise ocean at our feet.
“This was the beginning of our dream…we fell in love with the prospect of creating the most beautiful resort in the world on the most beautiful beach imaginable.

Invited guests and Julucans

“By 1987, we had built PIMMS as a free-standing restaurant on the property and, in 1988, we opened the first villa doors and have never looked back.

“Three years later, we had all 18 villas completed and opened, as well as the statuesque main house.

“We have had the loyal support of our trusted employees, the Julucans, and we especially salute those still with us today.

“Linda and I made a commitment to Anguilla 25 years ago and the Hickox family remains unswerving in its dedication to protect Cap Juluca from exploitation.
“We look forward to completing our vision over the next few years for the benefit of Anguilla and its Belongers.
“Thank you all for coming today to celebrate this milestone of Anguillian history with us.”

Invited guests and others

Mrs Linda Hickox said that the event was mainly to celebrate the eighty-seven members of the Juluca Jubilee Club with more than twenty years of service. She stated that among them were eleven Julucans, who as of January, the anniversary month, had been with Cap Juluca for twenty-five years.

“Included in this group of eleven are five of our longest serving team members who were with us from 1987, prior to the opening of the resort. They were honoured at our Annual Appreciation and Recognition Awards in December. On this special day, we think that it is most fitting that we again salute these foundation members. So today in recognition of twenty-five years of loyal and dedicated service, we present these Twenty-fifth Anniversary pins to the following Julucans:

“Albert Connor – our longest-serving team member, Wilson Fleming, Gwendolyn Griffith, Wayne Romney and Rhona Richardson. We also salute the following team members who are this month celebrating twenty-five years of service at Cap Juluca: Anthony Carty, Christobell Connor, Marilyn Connor, Deborah Romney, Gwenda Connor and Perlette Herbert.”

Mr Hickox joined his wife in thanking the Julucans for their work over the years.

By anguillian January 25, 2013 08:52


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