Kids Connect!-Summer Camp 2012 back and exciting

By anguillian September 7, 2012 08:47

Kids Connect!-Summer Camp 2012 back and exciting


Edible arrangements 9-12 yr olds

After a break last summer, Kids Connect! Summer Camp 2012 took place at Campus B during August 13-17. Designed specifically for children between the ages of 5-12 aimed at “Enhancing social skills, Encouraging team spirit and Fostering leadership traits.”


The summer camp is coordinated by Latoya Scarbro, Twyla Richardson, Cherise Gumbs, Charla Connor and Jabari Harrigan; a group of long time school friends, geared toward giving back to the community through the development of our youth. Lavelle Niles,Nordisia Lake and Dawvier Gumbs provided great team support during the week. This year as part of the organizing team, we welcomed long time campers who have passed the age range; Shakarie Niles, Lavida Niles and Kdiah Hodge


Fanciful headbands 7-8 yr olds

55 children participated in Kids Connect!- Summer Camp 2012  and engaged in several team building activities, which was the main focus of the camp this year, as well as theatre arts, baking/cooking skills, jewelry making, dance, sports, along with educational sessions;  nutrition and hygiene, Anguilla national symbols, history and culture as well as a full day dedicated to all things Anguillian.



Fun sweet treats 5-6 yr olds

Day after day parents continuously remarked on how exciting and educational the camp was, and the excitement of their children each morning ready to attend the camp. One parent even commented that this was by far the most cost efficient camp and she was pleased that her child had so many great experiences. The final day was a day of fun where the participants enjoyed fun games, movies and treats. Each camper went home with a camp tote that included; a t-shirt, along with pencils and other fun items.



Patriotism for Taste of Anguilla Day

We are ever thankful to the persons that contributed in every way. The Kids Connect! Team takes this opportunity to publicly thank the following individuals and business entities for their generous contributions; the principal of Campus B for allowing us the use of the school. Riorita Browne and Perry Richardson for their assistance during the week, Paul Bell of Island Hoops Basketball Academy, Dwayniqua Baird, Keivanne Lake, Carla Hughes-Rey, Dwyane Adams, Apphrodite Fleming, Shriwayuni, Lendon Williams, Daryl Ruan, Dwayne & Twana Duncan, elridge Richardson, Lendon Williams, McMillan Thomas, Ivor Gumbs of 4C’s & I, Tropical Treats Icecream, Max Printing, video Dynasty and to each parent who entrusted their children in our care for the week.


The tentative dates for next year’s summer camp are August 12- 16, 2013 with even more new and exciting activities and experiences.


For more information about Kids Connect! Contact Latoya Scarbro @ 729 7777 or Twyla Richardson @ 476 9990


– Press Release

By anguillian September 7, 2012 08:47


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