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Mr. Ralph Hodge of Anguilla (2nd from left) with Dr. Betancourt (right) and other members of the visiting team

Persons in Anguilla, whether referred by local health authorities to hospitals in Puerto Rico, or who have gone there for specialised treatment on their own, have benefitted much from the visits over the years. But the Medical Conference held here on Friday, July 13, by a team of specialists from that largely Spanish-speaking US territory, has offered even greater opportunities of cooperation forAnguillain the field of medical and surgical patient care.


Medical Health, Nursing personnel and others from Anguilla

Acting Chief Executive Officer with the Health Authority of Anguilla, Ralph Hodge, said the Medical Conference was initiated by the specialists from Pavia Hospitals. “They have done one of these sessions before and it is part of their outreach programme,” he commented. “Everybody is aware that we use the medical services of Puerto Rico quite often and the doctors there – Dr. Benjamin Betancourt in particular – have developed a lot of personal relationships here inAnguilla. When the conference was announced we had many calls at thePrincessAlexandraHospitalasking if he is coming here to work.


Participants at the Medical Conference

“I think it is not only an extension of relationships, but it gives us an outlet that is much cheaper than going to the mainland United States, or beyond, for medical treatment. All these relationships in health, as far asAnguillais concerned, where we can only provide a certain level of patient care, are extremely important.


Mr. Quincy Gumbs with Dr. Benjamin Betancourt. "He saved my life," says Quincy

“Our administrative staff at the hospital, in particular, did extremely well in working with Pavia Hospitals’ personnel to make this conference a reality. I am certain that the contacts that this has made will do very well forAnguillain the future as far as health care services are concerned.”


A capacity crowd was at the Soroptimist Conference Centre for the meeting. Those in attendance included medical and health personnel from Anguilla and St. Maarten, many persons from the Anguillian community and, of course, the visiting specialists, and members of their team from Pavia Hospitals inPuerto Ricowhich boasts a world-class health care system.


The welcome remarks were delivered by Anguillian Physician,Dr.Sherlan Richardson. The Puerto Rican specialists and members of their supporting team outlined the various services available at Pavia Hospitals and spoke about their plans to extend their services to Anguilla and otherCaribbeanislands. Their presentations were followed by a lively question and answer period.


There were three visiting doctors. One was Dr. Benjamin Betancourt Aquino as mentioned above. He is a Cardiologist and a graduate from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine with a private practice located across fromPaviaHospitalin Santurce. His is the former Director of Pavia Hospital’s Care Unit and Director of PaviaHospital’s Coronary Care Unit and Director of Invasive Cardiovascular Laboratory. He is a Member of the American Medical Association and a Fellow of theAmericanCollegeof Cardiology.


The second specialist was Dr. Luis Rios Deboyras, an Orthopedic Surgeon, a graduate from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine with a private practice in Santurce. He is a Member of the AmericanAcademyofOrthopedic Surgeonsand the American Medical Association.


The third specialist was Dr. Carlos Gomez Marcial, an Emergency Medicine specialist. He is a graduate from theEastCentralUniversityin theDominican Republicwith a Residency at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine and an active Staff Physician at Pavia Hospital in Santurce.


He is the former Medical Director at the Emergency Room and a Co-Medical Director of variousSan Juanbased hospitals. Dr. Gomez has presided over the Puerto Rico Chapter of theAmericanCollegeof Emergency Physicians as well as the American Cancer Society’s Professional Education Committee. He is a member of theAmericanCollegeof Emergency Physicians.


By anguillian July 20, 2012 09:46


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