Verdine Connor competes in the Arnold Amateur competition

By anguillian March 23, 2012 08:27

Verdine Connor competes in the Arnold Amateur competition


Verdine Connor

“Top five results for men up to eighty five kilos! Listen up!” the powerful voice of the backstage announcer bellowed over the noise of weights being banged and the chatter, as other athletes pumped up to step on stage.


I stood motionless in the uncertainty of, but somewhat anticipating, my number being called out.

“597, 599, 603, 604 and 607!”

The chill of disappointment ran through my body as ‘605’. My number was not announced for the final top five.


My second goal going into this event was to place in the top five, but my initial target was to be in the top ten which was unbelievably achieved.

I placed 9th out of the eighteen competitors in the middle-weight division, for me a rather significant accomplishment competing in an event of this caliber and amongst an uneven playing field (I being a natural bodybuilder in a competition where there is no drug testing).

Attaining placement in the top ten made this experience even more worthwhile and boosted my motivation to continue performing exceptionally in future events.

I would like to say thank you to all who have supported me.


A special thank you is extended to the management of the Dungeon Gym, Government of Anguilla, National Bank of Anguilla Limited, National Bank Sports and Social Club, Anguilla Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation and my family.


To all who have supported me, it was greatly appreciated. Because of, and for, you I was motivated to do the best I could at this event. I look forward to your continued support.




By anguillian March 23, 2012 08:27


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