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L-R: Rev. Dr. H. Clifton Niles, Amelia Vanterpool Kubisch, Yolande Richardson, Prof. Delroy Louden, Vanburn Brooks, Rhona Richardson-Roydon and Carlysle Rogers (Absent Rosena Brooks and Kenneth Porter)

Anguillian young men and women have been urged to take advantage of the educational opportunities available to them to be market-ready for nation-building.

The timely advice has come from Superintendent of the Methodist Circuit inAnguilla, Rev. Dunstan Richardson. He was at the time delivering the sermon at a special service, held atBethelMethodistChurchon Sunday, March 25, launching the Anguilla Community College Week of Activities.


“I have taken note of your theme for the week, ‘Education for Nation-building,’” he told the Faculty, Board members and staff of the Community College in the packed congregation which included various officials and many other persons from throughout the island. “I personally hail the idea of anAnguillaCommunity Collegeand pray for its success and positive effects upon the people ofAnguilla, especially those who have missed the boat along life’s path. There is still hope for herein lies the opportunity for each to fulfill his or her dream or goal in life.”


Rev. Dunstan Richardson

Rev. Richardson stressed that knowledge was a necessary tool for nation-building. “Without it we will remain in darkness like the cave man,” he went on. “With it we can overcome all obstacles in the way and reach the sky in our achievements.” He made the point that Anguillians had an opportunity to be qualified for any job which expatriateson the island were doing, but they must have the mind and the determination to achieve.


He emphasised that “education prepares us for life, giving us stability in our tasks, in our jobs and prospects for promotion. We should never be satisfied where we are. The sky should be your limit. Do not allow the challenges of your life to limit your ability to achieve.”


The Bethel Methodist Senior Choir

The Anguillian Methodist Minister observed that “there must be a balance of skilled and educated persons inAnguilla: each to his own order, profession or calling, but each must be equipped for his or her special task.” He saw this as “the mission of theAnguillaCommunity Collegethrough its varying programmes.”


Reverend Richardson saidAnguillashould not have to look abroad for skilled labour in any field of employment. He called on men and women, young boys and girls, to rise up and equip themselves with the tool of survival for the task of nation-building.


Government and Oppostion personnel and others

“TheAnguillaCommunity College, through its programmes, is offering educational food… to all Anguillians enabling them to be market-ready for nation-building,” he added.


“There is a call to seize the opportunity and enjoy what is available. The Methodist denomination in Anguilla and, indeed, the Caribbean, has been in the forefront when it comes to education, providing men and women with life skills…We are interested in education and will continue to be interested – so theAnguillaCommunity Collegehas our support.”

Members of the congregation

By anguillian March 30, 2012 08:58


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