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Governor Harrison (centre) with Commissioner of Police, Mr. Proctor (2nd from right), Trainers and Trainees

The Royal Anguilla Police Force, which was represented by twelve of its officers at a locally-held five-day intensive course, is now in a better position to conduct surveillance operations on the island.

Last week’s Surveillance Course was conducted by Simon Griffith, of the UK-based Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), assisted by three instructors from the US Homeland Security: John Condon, Hector Quintana and Timothy Bradley.

The course, as described by the facilitators, had as its aim: “to create a group of officers that could work together to carry out conventional static/foot/mobile and counter surveillance on a visiting suspect and, for a limited time, on a suspect fromAnguilla.”

Commissioner Rudolph Proctor said the course was designed to increase the skills and knowledge of the participants to undertake surveillance operations. He explained that the training was aimed at informing them how to gather intelligence, deal with contraband matters, take restrictive action and ensure public safety.

He said the selection of the  twelve officers selected for training, by the Management Team of the Force, was based on their deployment and was aimed at makingAnguillaa safe place. “You have been taken through a number of steps in this process, and we hope that the information which was shared with you has been absorbed, and that you are now prepared to execute the skills and knowledge you have gained,” Mr. Proctor went on. “We expect that you will use these new skills effectively in helping the Royal Anguilla Police Force in its fight against crime and other aspects of criminal activity in Anguilla.

“As we push ahead to make Anguilla a safer place, this training will go a long way in allowing us to deal with some of the criminal activities that are affecting our communities. I have been assured that these trained officers are now in a good position to assist the Force in achieving our goal of making Anguilla a safer place.”

The Commissioner was grateful to Mr. Griffith for recognising the need for the training and working to ensure that it took place. He also thanked Mr. Griffith’s American colleagues for sharing their experiences and skills with the course participants. He thanked the Overseas Territories Law Enforcement Adviser, Larry Corvington, for  his assistance in arranging the training and Governor Alistair Harrison and his staff for their support, and commended the officers for completing the course.

Governor Harrison, who has responsibility for the Police Force, joined in congratulating the officers for participating in the course which he described as “a good mix of theoretical and practical training.” He was of the view that as a result of the course the skills of the Force had been greatly enhanced in the area of surveillance.

“To put it crudely, it means that the good citizens of Anguilla can rest more easily, and the minority criminal element can rest less easily, knowing that you were now more skilled than you were in this particular field,” he continued. “It is an area in which there will be many practical applications. I wish you well as you tackle whatever challenges come your way in that respect as you, the chosen twelve, impart those skills to all members of the Royal Anguilla Police Force.” He also thanked the instructors and the Law Enforcement Adviser who helped to make the training possible.

Governor Harrison and Commissioner Proctor presented certificates to the trained officers.


By anguillian February 10, 2012 10:23


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