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Police in Anguilla are investigating a number of shooting and related incidents on the island.
The first occurred on Sunday, October 9, at about 8.45 p.m. at South Hill. On arrival there, it was reported to the Police that two motor vehicles, parked outside a house, were set on fire. It was also reported that when the owners attempted to put out the flames several shots were fired at them. No one was injured, but both vehicles were damaged. The Police recovered a number of items from the scene for evidence. No arrests have been made.

Two other shooting incidents were reported on Tuesday, October 11. One took place at about 8.35 p.m. at White Hill, in the eastern part of the island. It was reported that shots were fired from a passing vehicle at persons near the main road. No one was injured. Two persons were arrested on suspicion in connection with the incident.

The other shooting incident was reported at South Hill when shots were fired at a vehicle driving along the main road. Three persons were in the vehicle which was damaged, but no one was injured. No arrests have been made.

The Police are appealing to members of the public, who may have information about any of the incidents, to contact the Criminal Investigation Department or any Police Officer of their choice. The informant’s identity and information will be held in strict confidence. Persons may also make their report anonymously.

In the regular Police report, there were 15 serious crimes during the period October 5-12. Among them were three burglaries at Stoney Ground, South Hill and The Valley. The stolen items included a freezer, jewelry, a computer and a sum of money.

There were 8 thefts at Blowing, South Hill, George Hill, Long Ground, North Hill, Cauls Bottom, The Valley and Little Dix. Among the stolen items were a car battery, car parts, a bicycle, top soil, food stuff, a BlackBerry phone and money.

There was one report of grievous bodily harm at The Farrington.

Six persons were arrested during the period as follows: one male for possession of cannabis; one male on a default warrant; two males on suspicion of theft; one male for disorderly conduct and another on suspicion of discharging a firearm.

There were nine minor traffic accidents.

By admin October 13, 2011 14:06 Updated


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